VIDEO: How To Register Your Business – On The Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace

Last updated on April 26th, 2022 at 8:37 pm

How To Register Your Business 

So we’ve given you the thumbs up and would love you to join the marketplace, now it’s time to register for a store account! This video walks you through the registration form and process to becoming one of our newest members. Watch the video to learn more.

0:00 – Join us process you’ve been through

0:30 – Registration form: User name

1:08 – Registration form: Verify your email address

1:45 – Registration form: Personal details

1:50 – Registration form: Store name

3:00 – Registration form: Contact details

3:08 – Registration form: Business Address (Location)

3:55 – Registration form: Business insurance & Professional Body Certificate

5:10 – Registration form: VAT details

5:18 – Registration form: Seller Terms & Conditions

5:40 – Membership package plan overview & Payment

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