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Training & Support: How To Make The Most Out Of A Speaking Slot , So That Your Audience Takes The Next Step

Training Overview: How To Make The Most Out Of A Speaking Slot – With Louise Mansergh You’ve accepted the speaking slot for two main reasons, to reach more people and show how what you offer can help the problem they are experiencing. Louise shares how to make your wellbeing speaker opportunity count and how to […]


Training & Support: Creating Listings Which Get Found

Training Overview: Creating Listings Which Get Found – With Claire Taylor You are on the Wellbeing Umbrella website for two main reasons, which go side by side:  to increase your business visibility and to help more of the right people.  This video explains how to ensure your listings and your profile get maximum visibility.  By […]


Training & Support: How To Gain The Most Visually From Your Marketplace Listings

How To Gain The Most Visually From Your Marketplace Listings – with Marsha Joseph The photography you use on your Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace listings can make the difference between potential customers reaching out and purchasing your wellness support, or not. In this video Marsha will discuss the key points you need to ensure when creating […]


Training & Support: Build & Grow Your Email List

Training Overview: Build & Grow Your Email List – With Lisa Ferris Online webinar to explore ways to build and grow your email list. We cover the what, why & how, popular email topics and 3 lead magnet ideas to promote your freebie PLUS journal prompts to help you take action. In just 30 minutes […]


Support: Branding That Connects

Liz Hall shares her design experience on how to ensure your use your own unique well­being brand both on and off the wellbeing marketplace, so customers instantly recognise you and get that lovely feeling that they’re connecting with you.


Training & Support: The Benefits Of Blogging

Writing blog posts is a huge investment in time for a business owner, so its vital you get a return from them.


How To Increase Listing Visibility & Interest: Image & Listing Guide

Having stellar images and listing copy that increases visibility is the key to help you reach more of the right people who need what you offer. Use the guide to help you achieve this!

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