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How To Create Linked Products/Services (Up/Cross Sell)

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Business Enhanced & Business Growth Account Holders

Types of Linked Products (and Services)

Linked products on the Wellbeing Marketplace enable you to upsell and cross sell your products and services to buyers.

  • ‘Up-selling’ is the products/services which you would recommend instead of the currently viewed product, for example, products that are more profitable, better quality or more expensive.
  • ‘Cross-selling’ are the products/services which you promote in the buyers shopping cart, based on the current product.

Creating Linked Products

  1. Log in to your store dashboard via My account> or click ‘Store Manager’ in the top right corner, if already logged in.
  1. Click on ‘Listings’ tab located on the dashboard menu

3. Either create a ‘new listing’ or from the list of listings already published/drafted locate the listing you would like to add a linked product(s) to, and press the ‘edit’ icon or ‘name of listing’ to open up the listing to edit.

4. Once listing page is open, click on the ‘Linked’ menu tab.

5. Once ‘Linked’ menu tab is open, you’ll be presented with a ‘Up-sells’ and ‘Cross-sells’ product fields. Within the relevant field, begin to type the name of a product/service listing you’d like to ‘Up-sell’ or ‘Cross-Sell’.

6. A list of your published listings will display, click on the relevant product/service to link them to your listing. Max. 5 linked products per box.

7. Select wither the ‘Draft’ or ‘Submit’ button to ensure your linked products to your listing are saved.

PLEASE NOTE: Only products that have been published (i.e. are not in draft or archived) can be used as linked products.

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