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Beginner’s Guide to Selling on the Wellbeing Umbrella Platform

Wellbeing Marketplace Overview 

The Wellbeing Umbrella platform connects people looking for wellbeing solutions and treatments to independent wellness providers within the U.K. who truly care.  

Everything listed, whether goods or services on the Wellbeing platform promotes either physical, mental and/or social wellbeing. 
All listings on the Wellbeing Umbrella Platform must comply with section 6 (What Can and Cannot be Sold on Our Marketplace). If you’re new to our Wellbeing Marketplace, you may wish to review our Terms For Sellers and payment processing fees to ensure your store and listings follow the agreement.

Register & Open A Store On Wellbeing Umbrella  

Before you can begin selling on the Wellbeing Marketplace you will need to create a store account. Either log in to your customer account and click the ‘join our wellbeing marketplace’ sign up button on your dashboard or apply for a Wellbeing Marketplace Seller’s account from our Sell With Us page.  

Once your application is successful, you will need the following information to hand to create your account; 

  • A copy of current Business Insurance information (professional indemnity, public liability, product liability) to hand – as you’ll be asked to upload this to us, so that we can verify you are an insured business on our site 

  • A copy of your Professional Body Certificate (or relevant information) if applicable – you’ll be asked to upload this to us so that we can verify you are part of a professional body and give you professional body status on the site. 

  • An idea of what you’d like your Username to be, (once your Username is chosen, it cannot be changed)  

  • An idea of what you’d like your Store Name to be, as your unique URL will be created from it. You can change your Store name at any time; however, your URL cannot be changed.  

  • Access to an email – a verification code will be sent to the email address you provide 

Please Note: access to your Seller’s store account is not given until your business insurance has been verified by Wellbeing Umbrella (approx. 24-48 hrs.). 

Complete Store Set Up 

After you have successfully registered to our Wellbeing Marketplace, you’ll be sent an automated welcome email straight to your inbox, confirming that we have approved your registration details. Your welcome email will include a link that takes you through the set-up process (courtesy of a set-up Wizard) and then to your store dashboard. 

Upon log in, you’ll be guided through six important stages of the store set-up. You can skip and complete these parts without the wizard later, if you would prefer.  

  1. Store – This stage is where you can confirm/change store name, email and phone number. Upload store logo, banner and mobile banner and complete store description and store visibility.  
  1. Payment – This stage is where you will add your existing Stripe account details or create a new Stripe account so that you can receive payments from any listings purchased.  
  1. Policies – This stage is where you input your store information such as relevant shipping policy, refund policy, cancellation/return/exchange policy information.  
  1. Customer Support – This stage is where you share the different ways you are happy for a customer to contact you. Please note this information will be visible to customers.  
  1. Social – This stage is where you can share Social Media links to all your favourite platforms. Social media platforms include: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Snapchat, Pinterest.  
  1. Now Your Ready– This is the final stage and the Wizard set up will take you to your store Dashboard. 

Complete Your Profile 

  • Bio image (Avatar) – this accompanies your author bio on any articles you write for your store or as guest blogger for Wellbeing Umbrella. Your bio/avatar gives you the opportunity to be personal and share a photo of yourself, helping audiences and shoppers better connect with you. Recommended requirements (150 x 150) pixels.

  • Author Bio – your author bio information sits proudly at the bottom of any articles you publish either on your own store or as a guest blogger on our site. It’s your opportunity to tell people what you do, why you do it and what they’ll find if they visit your store. 500 max. Characters limit. 
  • About Gallery – Upload photos to help give customers a glimpse of your business or brand – be it a photo of you, your therapy room or products! Recommended requirements (800 x 600) pixels. 

Add Listings To Your Store 

Yay, the exciting part! You’ve set up your store, now it’s time to add your store listings. Listings are the products or services that you sell. Learn how to add listings to your store.

Add Articles To Your Store  

Convert searching customers by sharing your story or validating your expertise on topics relevant to them with your own articles or linked videos. Articles are visible on your own store and searchable on our marketplace for extra exposure. Learn how to create an article on your store and how to add a video to your articles

If you’d like a reminder of the benefits of blogging or additional support on writing, checkout Claire Taylor from Raspberry Flamingo’s training support page HERE.

Add Staff To Your Store  

Coming soon

Marketing, Visibility and Promotion  

Tips for promoting/marketing yourself: 

  • Make sure you’re optimising your store and listings through Wellbeing Marketplace search and filters. Be sure to complete your About information such as ‘who you serve’ and ‘how you serve’ within your profile manager and add relevant location information, wellbeing categories and listings types to your listings. 

  • Consider attracting new audiences and enhancing your professional brand with your own articles or linked videos on your store.

  • Connect with other likeminded wellbeing providers and see if a collaboration can be brewed to increase your visibility, audience or attract more customers by joining our Store Sellers Facebook Group, the link will be sent to you on joining and can be access from your store dashboard. 

  • Reach new audiences by exploring guest blogging opportunities with other wellbeing providers – you have a similar client pool remember! 

Manage Your Store 

How To List A Product Or Service On The Wellbeing Umbrella Platform

Applies to: 
Business Taster, Business Basics, Business Enhanced & Business Growth Account Holders

Get Started

To list a product or service in your Wellbeing Marketplace Store:  

  1. Log in to store account ‘Dashboard’ or click ‘Store Manager’ in the top right corner, if already logged in.
  1. Click on ‘Listings’ on the menu 
  1. Click the ‘Add New’ Button 

Then follow below steps; 

Please note: Within a store listing the most important sections you need to complete on a listing will be highlighted in purple. 

Step1: Select Listing Type 

Click on the drop-down menu to choose the appropriate listing type for the service/product you wish to sell. Options are: 

  • Product Listing (incl. Download) – used for products/services without variations or without a booking schedule/calendar. Digital products can also be sold from this listing option, uploaded files are delivered immediately for download after purchase. 
  • Product Listing with Variations – used for products/services with variations e.g., one candle, different scent variations. 
  • Event/Workshop Listing – used for services that may require a ticket e.g. workshops, course, half day or full day event etc
  • Appointment/Class Listing – used for appointments and classes with blocked time that require a booking schedule/calendar*

(*Sellers on Business Basics, Business Enhanced & Business Growth subscriptions will only see this option) 

Extra Sections Needed To Be Completed Dependent Upon ‘Listing Type’ Chosen:

For Products – with variations

If you’re listing an item that has variations you need to apply attributes and variations.

Video: How To List A Product with Variations – Using Attributes & Variations Tab – On Wellbeing Umbrella

For Appointments – with booking calendar

If you’re listing an appointment with a booking calendar you will need to provide your availability and set up your booking schedule to enable customers to book from your calendar.

Video: ‘Appointable’ Tab Explained (for Appointments & Classes) – Provide Booking Schedule

Video: Appointment or Class ‘Availability’ Tab Explained – Provide Your Availability For Appointment Listed

Video: ‘Time Variations’ Tab Explained (For Use On Appt/Class Listings) – On Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace – only needed when you wish to offer different appointment duration times e.g. 60 mins, 90mins, 30 mins appointments

Video: Location’ Tab Explained – On The Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace

For Classes – with booking calendar

If you’re listing a class-based service you need to provide your availability and set up your booking schedule to enable customers to book from your calendar. 

Video: How To Enable ‘Class’ Listing Options – On The Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace

Video: ‘Appointable’ Tab Explained (for Appointments & Classes) – Provide Booking Schedule

Video: Appointment or Class ‘Availability’ Tab Explained – Provide Your Availability For Class Listed

Video: ‘Time Variations’ Tab Explained (For Use On Appt/Class Listings) – On Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace – only needed when you wish to offer different class duration times e.g. 60 mins, 90mins, 30 mins classes

Video: Location’ Tab Explained – On The Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace

For Digital items – with download

If you’re listing a digital item for customers to download after purchase you need to enable the download tab and provide a link from a Cloud sharing services.

Video: How To Enable And Add A Downloadable Listing – On The Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace

For Events

If you’re listing an event-based service, you will need to provide event information, ticket type information and location – this information will be sent to customers after purchase. Expiry information also needs completing to ensure you’re not selling tickets for your event after a desired date.

Video: Ticket Types & Prices Tab Explained – On The Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace

Video: Event Tab Explained – On The Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace

Video: ‘Event Expiry’ Tab Explained – On The Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace

Video: Location’ Tab Explained – On The Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace

For Catalogue Mode – display a product/service without a pay now button, price and/or booking calendar

If you wish to list your product/service as an advert only or without a booking calendar, you need to tick the Catalogue mode section check box. Ticking the box will display an extra menu tab further down the listing page called ‘Catalogue mode’.

Within the Catalogue section you have two options; 

  • Disable Add to Cart?‘ – ticking this option means customers will be unable to buy the product from your listing page, other than contacting you to make payment. 
  • ‘Hide Price?’ – ticking this option means the price of your listing will no longer be visible to customers. 

Please Note: when creating listing type ‘appointment/class’ and catalogue mode is ticked – it will remove the booking calendar.

Catalogue mode maybe a useful option if you want to advertise products or listings that are coming soon! 

Video: How To Create Appointment Listing Without A Booking Calendar/Payment Button (Catalogue Mode)

 Step 2: Add Listing Title 

Give your listing a descriptive title. Think about what a shopper would search for to find the product or service you are selling, rather than just the name you give to a service/product. 

This may include keywords that describe the benefits or your product/service or the type of people you serve. E.g., Reiki healing to regain balance for busy parents. If a product or service has an obscure name, consider putting it in the main description and use keywords or phrases in the title that a customer would use instead to help them find you. 

Step 3: Add Pricing 


Add the price of your product/service in to the field.  

If you are VAT registered, ensure the listing is set to ‘Taxable’ within the ‘Tax’ tab section further down the listing page, this will enable current VAT to be added to the figure entered within the ‘Price’ field. The field is automatically set to none.

The full price of the listing inclusive of VAT will be displayed on your listing page. It is your responsibility to consider this tax when pricing your items on Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace.

VAT registered Sellers, must provide their VAT details within ‘Additional Info’ section accessed via ‘Edit your profile’.

Sale Price (if applicable)  

Use the sale price to incentivise what you are selling. If your sale has a set time frame, you can schedule a ‘to and from date’, by clicking on the “schedule” link under the field for sales price. The sale price will only display on and between the dates you set, reverting the listing to its normal price outside that. 

Step 4: Add Description 

Use the section to describe your service/product and help buyers understand what you are selling and how it can benefit them and their wellbeing. Remember to take on-page SEO, long copy and good structure into consideration when writing your listing to help improve your SEO and encourage customers to read on/take action. Learn more about creating listings that get found.

Step 5: Add Image 

To add a featured image to represent your product/service click on the image icon. You can either upload a new file(s) or use current image(s) in your media library.  

To add a new image, simply ensure you are on the ‘Upload file’ tab then click the ‘select file’ button to locate and upload images from your device. 

If you’d like to crop an uploaded image, select the desired image by clicking on the image. Under the heading ‘Attachment details’ in the top-right column, where the thumbnail image of the selected image is visible, click the ‘Edit Image’ option. 

You can add as many images to your listing as per your subscription allowance, by just clicking the ‘add block’ text.  

Images are attached one-by-one to the listing page and will be displayed in the order you attach them.  

Images can be removed by clicking the ‘x’ icon on the image. 

Image guideline 

Images speaks louder than words! Generally, listing images uploaded onto the Wellbeing Marketplace must be of the product item itself, appointment/service, or event (including therapy space and venue) and must not be a stock image. We appreciate this may not always be possibly, please read Image Policy. Images with Illustrations or with text placed upon are not permitted as the featured image (the visible image displayed on the marketplace search), these types of images can be used within your image gallery. Learn more about how to choose and use appealing imagery.

We recommended that you use all your image allowance on each listing and an image size of 800 x 600 pixels to ensure shoppers have a good experience and can get a good look at your listing.

Please note: shoppers can use the enlarge feature on listings images to get a clear view, as a result scaling down an image is discouraged and a larger scaled image is encouraged. Learn more about image listing requirements and standards.  

Step 6: Select Listing Category 

The listing options are a how your listing is categorised on the Wellbeing Marketplace and on your own store.  Choose the most appropriate category to describe your listing. Listing categories are;  

  • Appointments  
  • Classes 
  • Courses 
  • Events 
  • Products 
  • Sessions 
  • Workshops 

If your listing covers multiple categories your first option will be the choice categorised.  

Step 7: Add Inventory Information 

If you’re listing an item that requires you to manage stock levels and track inventory, you’ll want to complete this section as it’ll help you manage physical products/goods and it’ll ensure you won’t oversell. You’ll get a notification on your dashboard when your item is ‘Low in Stock’ or ‘Out of Stock’ and you can easily keep track in your ‘Stock Manager’

It’s also great for helping you to schedule orders with your wholesalers and you can see which items are selling well.

Options to complete are:

SKU – this stands for “Stock Keeping Unit”. You can assign a unique SKU number to each item and this will help you to manage your internal stock management.

Manage Stock – This is optional. If you will never run out of this item or it’s made to order, you won’t need to tick this ‘box’.

However, if you need to limit the orders you take, tick the ‘box’ and complete the following information;

Stock Quantity – Input the total quantity number you have to sell of this particular item.

Allow Back Orders – This is optional, you can allow backorders on products which are currently ‘Out of Stock’ but you know they will be back in stock soon. This will allow customers to place orders for products and then you can fulfil those orders as soon as the product is back in stock.

Options include;  

  • Do not Allow
  • Allow, but notify the customer
  • Allow

Sold individually – By ticking this ‘box’ it will only allow customer to purchase one item in a single order.

Video:  Inventory Tab Explained – On The Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace

Video:  Stock Manager Explained – On The Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace

Please note: this tab is only visible on the following listing types – Simple Products & Products With Variations.

Step 8: Add Shipping Details  

Shipping can be the deciding factor when a customer confirms to place an order with you. If it’s too expensive, not offered in a way in which they’d like, customers can easily click ‘remove from Cart’ and carry on looking elsewhere.

That’s why it can be helpful for you to provide your customers with a selection of Shipping options for them to choose from.

Choose the appropriate Shipping method for your listing item.

Options available are: 

  • Standard Delivery – Enter a price here for your UK Standard Shipping. This is your average shipping service; this won’t include any obligations to deliver the items fast.

  • Free Delivery – tick this option if your item includes a free shipping service.

  • Does not apply – tick this option if shipping isn’t needed to for your item, this includes Virtual and Downloads

  • Express Delivery – This is the fastest method of shipping the item out to your customer. Items usually get transported anywhere between 24 to 72 hours.

  • Processing Time – This indicates to your customers what the ‘processing time’ is between them placing an order with you and when the order will likely be completed and shipped out. Click on the drop-down menu to choose the appropriate ‘Ready to Ship in’.

Options are:

  • Immediately (applicable for Virtual or Downloads)
  • 1 business day
  • 1-2 business days
  • 1-3 business days
  • 3-5 business days
  • 1-2 weeks
  • 2-3 weeks
  • 3-4 weeks
  • 4-6 weeks
  • 6-8 weeks

Video: ‘Shipping’ Tab Explained – On The Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace

Please note: this tab is only visible on the following listing types – Simple Products & Products With Variations.

Step 9: Select Listing Options 

The listing options are a how your listing is categoried on the Wellbeing Marketplace. It helps you get found on the site and enables shoppers to filter results based on the information you add and they are looking for. Options include;  

  • The type of people you cater for (e.g. women, children),  
  • The way you deliver your services (e.g. virtual, home-visits, telephone)  
  • Whether you are a Female Practitioner/Male Practitioner 
  • Whether your venue is Wheelchair Accessible 

Video:  ‘Listing Options’ Tab Explained – On The Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace

Step 10: Select Wellbeing Categories 

Wellbeing categories are an important part of the Wellbeing Marketplace, they not only help categorise your listing, but also help shoppers know more about your listing and what specific wellbeing benefits your listing potentially provides. 

To help identify the best categories for you, think about what a shopper would search for to find the product or service you are selling, rather than just the name you give to a service/product or the therapy itself.  This may include categories that describe the wellbeing benefits or your product/service. 

For example, choose the category Counselling if your listing is offering counselling services and add empowerment and/or stress reduction as additional categories if these describe your therapies’ potential benefits.  

Wellbeing categories areas include; 

  • Wellbeing Therapies  
  • Positive wellbeing outcomes/benefits 

Please note: Wellbeing category subscription allowance applies. 

Video: ‘Wellbeing Categories’ Tab Explained – On The Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace

Step 11: Submit or Save Your Listing 

To save your listing to the site either click ‘Submit’ or ‘Save As Draft’. 


Once you click ‘Submit, your listing will immediately be live on the site. Please allow 30 mins for it to appear in Wellbeing Marketplace search filters. On submission, the ‘View’ option button will become visible. The ‘View’ button when clicked takes you straight to your published listing. You can also view all your current published listings on your store page by clicking the ‘My Store’ button from your dashboard.  

Save As Draft  

The Draft button enables you to view your listing before publishing. The least amount of information needed to save a draft listing is a ‘listing title’. Once you click ‘Save As Draft’, you will be given the option to ‘Preview’ your listing, as viewed by a browsing shopper.  

You can find and access all published and draft listings from the Listings tab on your dashboard menu. 

Other Related Listing Sections You May Wish To Use:

Other sections on the listing page you may wish to use; 

How To Increase Listing Visibility & Interest: Image & Listing Guide

Increasing listing visibility and stellar images is the key to helping you reach more of the right people who need what you offer.

It is important that you get the best outcomes on the Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace, so we have created this Image and Copy guide for the site. The focus of this guide is to help ensure your listings gain maximum visibility, attract the right customers and encourage potential customers to reach out to purchase.

By following the guidance and simply actioning the steps given, you will be returned in more searches and increase your chance of inspiring customers to take action.

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