VIDEO: How to Setup or Edit Store Settings – On The Wellbeing Umbrella Platform

Last updated on April 10th, 2024 at 8:26 pm

How to Setup or Edit Store Settings

0:00 – What is in store settings and how to access it

1:00 – Store section: store name (and how to change it), store contact details, logo, banners, store description and store visibility

3:30 – How to hide your store address and/or map

4:05 – Location section: where to add store address information and store location

4:45 – Payment section: what is housed in this section (function not currently available)

5:48 – Shipping section: how to enable shipping, processing time (function not currently available)

6:30 – SEO section: where to add or amend your store description for Facebook or Twitter platforms

6:50 – Store policies section: where to update or add your policy information and where they are displayed

7:30 – Customer support section: contact details where customers can get in touch

8:10 – Store hours: how to enable/disable store opening times, how to disable/enable purchasing, set daily store hours (function not currently available)

9:38 – Vacation mode section: how to enable/disable vacation mode, how to enable/disable purchasing of products/services while on holiday and how to leave a customise message on your store (function not currently available)

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