Beginner’s Guide to Selling on the Wellbeing Umbrella Platform

Last updated on March 7th, 2024 at 4:07 pm

Wellbeing Umbrella Overview 

The Wellbeing Umbrella platform connects people looking for wellbeing solutions and treatments to independent wellness providers within the U.K. who truly care.  

Everything listed, whether goods or services on the Wellbeing platform promotes either physical, mental and/or social wellbeing. 
All listings on the Wellbeing Umbrella Platform must comply with section 6 (What Can and Cannot be Advertised on Our Platform). If you’re new to our Wellbeing Umbrella, you may wish to review our Terms For Sellers to ensure your store and listings follow the agreement.

Register & Open A Store On Wellbeing Umbrella  

Before you can begin promote on the Wellbeing Umbrella platform you will need to create a store account. Either log in to your customer account and click the ‘join our wellbeing Platform’ sign up button on your dashboard or apply for a Wellbeing Umbrella Store account from our Join Us page.  

You will need the following information to hand to create your account; 

  • An idea of what you’d like your Username to be, (once your Username is chosen, it cannot be changed)  

  • An idea of what you’d like your Store Name to be, as your unique URL will be created from it. You can change your Store name at any time; however, your URL cannot be changed.  

  • Access to an email – a verification code will be sent to the email address you provide 

Please Note: access to your Seller’s store account is not given until your registration details have been verified by Wellbeing Umbrella (approx. 24-48 hrs.). 

Complete Store Set Up 

After you have successfully registered to our Wellbeing Umbrella platform, you’ll be sent an automated welcome email straight to your inbox, confirming that we have approved your registration details. Your welcome email will include a link that takes you through the set-up process (courtesy of a set-up Wizard) and then to your store dashboard. 

Upon log in, you’ll be guided through six important stages of the store set-up. You can skip and complete these parts without the wizard later, if you would prefer.  

1, Store – This stage is where you can confirm/change store name, email and phone number. Upload store logo, banner and mobile banner and complete store description and store visibility.  

2. Customer Support – This stage is where you share the different ways you are happy for a customer to contact you. Please note this information will be visible to customers.  

3. Social – This stage is where you can share Social Media links to all your favourite platforms. Social media platforms include: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Snapchat, Pinterest.  

4. Now Your Ready– This is the final stage and the Wizard set up will take you to your store Dashboard. 

Complete Your Profile 

  • Bio image (Avatar) – this accompanies your author bio on any articles you write for your store or as guest blogger for Wellbeing Umbrella. Your bio/avatar gives you the opportunity to be personal and share a photo of yourself, helping audiences and shoppers better connect with you. Recommended requirements (150 x 150) pixels.

  • Author Bio – your author bio information sits proudly at the bottom of any articles you publish either on your own store or as a guest blogger on our site. It’s your opportunity to tell people what you do, why you do it and what they’ll find if they visit your store. 500 max. Characters limit. 
  • About Gallery – Upload photos to help give customers a glimpse of your business or brand – be it a photo of you, your therapy room or products! Recommended requirements (800 x 600) pixels. 

Add Listings To Your Store 

Yay, the exciting part! You’ve set up your store, now it’s time to add your store listings. Listings are the products or services that you sell. Learn how to add listings to your store.

Marketing, Visibility and Promotion  

Tips for promoting/marketing yourself: 

  • Make sure you’re optimising your store and listings through Wellbeing Umbrella Platform search and filters. Be sure to complete your About information such as ‘who you serve’ and ‘how you serve’ within your profile manager and add relevant location information, wellbeing categories and listings types to your listings. 

  • Consider attracting new audiences and enhancing your professional brand with your own articles or linked videos on your store.

  • Reach new audiences by exploring guest blogging opportunities with other wellbeing providers – you have a similar client pool remember! 

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