VIDEO: How to Create an Add-on Within Your Product Listings (Long Text Box)

Last updated on April 26th, 2022 at 6:27 pm

Learn How to Create a long text box Add on Within Product Listings on the Wellbeing Umbrella platform!

Want to customers to leave a custom message? This video walks you through how to create an long text field/box add-on. Use the timestamps below to jump to a part most relevant to you.

0:00 – Introduction/what long text is useful for

0:45 – How long text box add-on looks on your listing

2:10 – How to access your listings to create an add-on

2:40 – How to access the add-on tab

3:40 – How to enable add a description to your long text box

3:58 – How to set a character length

4:15 – How to add a cost to your add on (flat fee and quantity based fee)

6:00 – Customer view of character length limit and additional cost of add-on

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