VIDEO: How To Apply or Remove a Coupon Code

Last updated on March 16th, 2022 at 4:00 pm

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Business Enhanced & Business Growth Account Holders

Want to offer customers discount such as 10% off or £5 off? This video explains how to create and delete coupon codes on your listings. Click on timestamps listed below to be quickly moved to a desired section.

– How to access coupon tab section

0:30 – How to add/create a new coupon

0:40 – Types of coupons you can create

1:10 – How name of coupon code can be displayed on your store (should you wish)

1:50 – How To create a fixed discount coupon code

2:20 – How to create restrictions on coupon codes

4:00 – How to create a limit on coupon codes

6:15 – How a coupon code works/looks when applied by the customer

7:06 – How to delete a coupon

7:25 – How to amend a coupon

7:50 – How to remove/unpublish a live coupon via save as draft

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