Training & Support: How to Help More Clients Without Burnout

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 6:12 am

Training Overview: How to Help More Clients Without Burnoutwith Mahnaz Sharif

You are a passionate wellbeing business owner, but it’s hard when you’re always putting your clients needs before your own.

This webinar style of video has been created so you can find ways to get productive, starting today!

It will explain how you can use your time more effectively and intentionally, so you have more time and it covers…

  • What it means to be a solopreneur
  • 2 figures that will blow your mind
  • The 3 most common problems
  • and finally, 6 secrets in how you can become more efficient


If you need practical support to help you spend more time doing what you love and less time on what you don’t. Mahnaz, from Build with Boundaries is your lady!

In a bid to help you keep burnout at bay and continue to reach and meet the needs of your clients, we’ve collaborated with her! Through making better use of your time, Mahnaz aims to ensure you have great business clarity, stay on track and meet your business intentions – all whilst having a good business life balance. Check out her services below to learn more.

Build with Boundaries Academy

More Information to follow!

Price: Monthly


Want to learn how to use your time with more intention?

Xcel Pod is a library of free resources to support and guide you to work on your productivity – without the learning taking over your life and using up time you simply don’t have!

Price: Free experience

More About Our Lovely Collaborative Partner . . .

Mahnaz Sharif Business Mentor at Build with Boundaries

Mahnaz is a business mentor who specialises in empowering Mums whose business dreams are buried under family needs. By using aligned strategies and building with boundaries, Mahnaz guides her clients as they step into their role as CEO without feeling guilty about spending time away from their families.

With a degree in mathematics and 20 years of experience as an analyst, Mahnaz empowers her clients to work in harmony, respect their time and energy so they can carve out time for them, their life, their family and their business.


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