VIDEO: ‘Linked’ Tab Explained (The Up-Sell & Cross-Sell Tool) – On The Wellbeing Umbrella Marketplace

‘Linked’ Tab Explained (The Up-Sell & Cross-Sell Tool)

This video walks you through the ‘Linked’ tab marketplace tool that enables you to Up-sell (invite customer to upgrade, or purchase more expensive items or other add-ons) and Cross-sell (invite customers to purchase additional products or services that complement current purchase). Use the timestamps below to jump to parts of the video that are most relevant to you.

0:00 – What Up-selling and Cross-Selling is and where the customer views this on the marketplace

2:53 – Where to locate the ‘Linked’ tab

3:30 – How to select published products/services to promote as an up-sell or cross-sell on a listing

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