Training & Support: How To Make The Most Out Of A Speaking Slot , So That Your Audience Takes The Next Step

Last updated on February 3rd, 2023 at 5:21 pm

Training Overview: How To Make The Most Out Of A Speaking Slot – With Louise Mansergh

You’ve accepted the speaking slot for two main reasons, to reach more people and show how what you offer can help the problem they are experiencing.

Louise shares how to make your wellbeing speaker opportunity count and how to not make the same mistakes she once did.

In her video she covers

  • Ways to improve your talk title and entice people to join
  • The benefit of starting your talk with a story to connect with your audience
  • Why you shouldn’t give your audience all the answers and instead show them where they are stuck
  • How using case studies in your talk can be so powerful to help you sell without actually feeling like you’re selling!
  • The importance of offering something enticing at the end of your talk to help get collect email addresses or sales

At the end of the video, you’ll know how to showcase your expertise and take your ideal audience on a journey so that at the end they’ll want to buy from you!

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More About Our Lovely Collaborative Partner . . .

Louise Mansergh Marketing Strategist for Health and Wellness Business Owners

Louise Mansergh is a Marketing Strategist for Health and Wellness Business Owners, who want to get more clients even if they don’t know how to “do” marketing.

Her first job in marketing, way back when, was with an Investment Bank, where all she did was delete contacts from a database for 9 hours a day, five days a week. Yep, glamourous it was not (but there was a free breakfast every day!)

After that she worked her way up through doing public relations and events, to working for a private hospital company for six years where she became the Marketing and Communications Manager in the head office, supporting 37 hospitals with their growth plans.

When she’s not got her marketing hat on, you can find Louise chasing after her two small children, and hanging out with her family in Surrey.


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